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We All Scream for Ice Cream by Birdie

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Charters Towers small business owner, Katie Dunlop, talks to 7 News about her unique venture, which involves pedaling a 200 kilogram freezer around town.

Two years ago, mother-of-two Katie had an idea to bring something new and exciting to the town. Now, two years on, she's making news for her business - a mobile ice-cream cart by the name of 'Birdie'.

"If you want to dream big, live in a small town."

As a mother of young children, opening Ice Cream by Birdie has given Katie the opportunity to work flexible hours and spend as much time with her kids as possible, whilst also keeping her involved in the community and it's development. She jokes that if you want to dream big, you should live in a small town, because the people are so encouraging and supportive of business endeavours like Birdie.

Katie and Birdie will often be found volunteering at community events, spreading joy and happiness one scoop at a time. Ice Cream by Birdie is also available for hire at private events. For more information, visit the Ice Cream by Birdie Facebook page.

You can watch the full 7 News interview here:

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