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Rich in Arts & Culture

Charters Towers boasts a vibrant and thriving arts and culture community, nurturing a passionate group of artists, musicians, and performers who come together to celebrate their creative identity. Whether it's pottery, painting, quilting, patchwork, music or performing  arts, the town welcomes both residents and visitors to immerse themselves in the creative spirit that thrives here.

Charters Towers Choristers

Phone: 0477 198 948

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Crown Music studios

Phone: (07) 4787 2220

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Towers Arts


Phone: 0421 987 987

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Charters Towers Patchwork & Quilters Group

Phone:  0428 618 890

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Mike Carney Creative Industries Centre

Phone: 0466 159 707

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Charters Towers Pottery Club

Phone: 0406 572 467

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Towers Players


Phone: 0427 871 768

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