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Charters Towers sits on a strong and diverse economic base that has stood the test of time. Not merely dominated by mining and beef cattle agriculture, education; health care and social assistance; retail; public administration; food and beverage service; and construction combine to form a cross-section of employment with tourism in demand April - September.

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Charters Towers is born from gold mining, and in 2022 is celebrating 150 years since the goldfields were established here. 

Since the beginning, gold mining has remained a strong economic pillar for the region with today's gold prices creating a mining resurgence. 



Education is the second largest industry in Charters Towers with a total of seven schools (three with boarding) plus several early learning centres. Teachers are almost always in demand, as well as a range of other positions.

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There are a number of passionate organisations committed to supporting businesses in Charters Towers:

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