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Survivor 2022 sparks surge in interest for Queensland’s oldest gold rush town

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

It’s one of North Queensland’s thriving townships, but Charters Towers, and its picturesque landscape were thrust into the global spotlight when the 2022 season of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water premiered recently.

Charters Towers played host to the filming of the latest series of Australian Survivor and its community is reaping the benefits of the filming.

It is estimated that over $5M had been spent in the region during the production, combined with individual crew members who injected between $1M and $2M into the local economy.

The TV production also created over 100 local jobs and injected millions of dollars into the local economy while showcasing Charters Towers' rich and diverse natural environment to the world.

Charters Towers Mayor, Councilor Frank Beveridge, said the benefits of the production will be felt for a long time and says the town’s new found fame is helping to drive interest from people and businesses outside of the region, particularly from those in New South Wales and Victoria.

“During the filming of Survivor, over 100 local jobs were created and an estimated $5M was spent in the region and while the numbers speak for themselves, the real opportunity here is seeing Charters Towers exposed to an interstate and international market - it’s an opportunity that other regional towns could only dream of reaching,” said Councilor Beveridge.

“We’re a region the size of Tasmania and now audiences around the world will be able to see our rich and diverse Australian backdrop and imagine what life in regional North Queensland would be like for them. It really is a watershed moment for Charters Towers.

“People are looking for a community with work-life balance and a lifestyle that’s great for families. We’ve got that in spades here,” said Councilor Beveridge.

Charters Towers and its growing affluent market is crying out for small business operators to open new cafes, restaurants, entertainment facilities and fitness centers, while professional services like IT support and telecommunications are in demand now more than ever.

“This is a unique experience for our community, and we’re all excited our town is on the world stage,” concluded Councilor Beveridge.

A new community initiative ‘Live Charters Towers’, was launched in late 2021 and aims to make people aware Charters Towers exists and the sought-after benefits on offer in the region that include abundant education and job opportunities and vibrant lifestyle, all just 90 minutes from a major city.

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