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The town that will have you singing the song of success

When Stephen and Alanna Price relocated from Rockhampton to Charters Towers in 2015 after accepting teaching positions at a local school, they could have never dreamed that just seven years later they would be celebrating the opening of their business, Crown Music Studios.

“When we moved to Charters Towers, it was this massive moment of backing ourselves. In Rockhampton, we had these big support networks but we really wanted the opportunity to build something ourselves,” Alanna said.

In 2021 the couple celebrated the opening of Crown Music Studios, a facility that offers expert music teaching for students of all ages across a range of instruments and voice, as well as group experiences including their popular “Mum and Bub” singing classes.

“It’s been a lifelong dream and one that has been made possible in Charters Towers because of the unique and wide ranging industries that our community services. We’ve got three boarding schools, countless farms, stations and properties, as well as three major mines in the area - they’re all people that we’ve been able to share our love of music with and welcome into our studio,” Alanna said.

“Almost one year on, we’ve been blown away by the success of the business and so proud that we can support our family while working for ourselves and doing something we love and are so passionate about.”

On top of opening the business, the couple have also welcomed two children to their family and have become much loved members of the local community since arriving in Charters Towers five years ago.

Today, Stephen and Alanna have plans to expand the studio by adding an additional studio room and employing another two teachers. They’re also doing their part to give back to the booming business community in Charters Towers by lending a hand to other emerging entrepreneurs in the area as they welcome MD Picnics and Catering to their premises.

“We really couldn’t have achieved success and made it through the first year of business without the support of the Charters Towers community. We’re so proud to bring our passion for music to this beautiful region,” said Alanna.

“The ever growing nature of Crown Music Studios is just one testament to the incredible entrepreneurial nature and vast business opportunities awaiting young families and professionals as they look to uncover the untold gold in Charters Towers.”

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