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Not Kidding! Charters Towers family features on ABC's "Landline"

Updated: Jun 17

You could say it's been a big media week in Charters Towers, with not one, but TWO long-running and nationally acclaimed television programs featuring our clever town.

Earlier in the week, we shared with you how Pat Rafter came to the Towers with with SBS Australia's Who Do You Think You Are?

This week we draw your attention to a recent episode of Landline featuring none other than Kale and Karin Robinson - goat farmers in Charters Towers. With five young boys, they are a well-known and respected local family.

The episode explores their new innovative business idea Butcher 2 Go, what they term as a 'new take on paddock-to-plate.'

Follow the link below to learn all about it.

What was our favourite bit? Well, there were two actually:

  1. We love how this kind of innovation creates opportunities for people to be able to do what they love, and live wherever they want (in this case, Charters Towers!); and

  2. The big shout-out they gave to fellow local business Dan's Country Meats - a combined butcher shop and livestock slaughterhouse all under one roof. Just a brilliant example of the supportive business community we enjoy here.

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